1024's epic myspace themes

WARNING: All @import lines must be at the TOP of your CSS!
If they are anywhere else, then they will NOT be imported.


A theme based on reddit, used on the Big Chungus profile.

How to use

Put this in your CSS:
@import "https://1024x2.xyz/myspace93/wholesome100.css";

/* Change the values below for your custom theme */
:root {
  --reddit-msg-text: "contact the chungus"; /* Replaces "Send Message" */
  --reddit-add-text: "WHOLESOME 100"; /* Replaces "Add to fwiends" */
  --reddit-gender-text: "Fat Buggs Bunny"; /* Replaces your gender */
  --reddit-logout-text: "CLICK HERE IF YOU GO ON INSTA(normie)GRAM"; /* Replaces the logout buttom */
  --reddit-use-reddit-names: 1; /* if 1, then "/u/" will be be added before names */
  --reddit-post-karma: "1,337,420"; /* Your post karma */
  --reddit-comment-karma: "69,420"; /* Your comment karma */
  --reddit-gold: 1; /* if 1, the "gifts on behalf of..." box will appear on your profile */
  --reddit-gold-name: "BigChungus"; /* Your name, will be showed in the "gifts on behalf of..." box */
  --reddit-gold-time: "48931.03 hours"; /* How much time should showned in the "gifts on behalf of..." box */
  --reddit-bottom: 1; /* if 1, --reddit-bottom-image will be shown at the bottom of the page */
  --reddit-bottom-image: url(https://i.imgur.com/VDOsTtd.jpg); /* the image to show */
  --reddit-mod-title: "MODERATOR OF"; /* The title of the "MODERATOR OF" box. */
  --reddit-mod-subs: "r/BigChungus r/funny r/memes r/dankmemes r/wholesomememes r/PewdiepieSubmissions r/MemeEconomy"; /* The subreddits in the "MODERATOR OF" box. */
  --reddit-mod-more: "6,969"; /* The text on the button in the "MODERATOR OF" box. */
  --reddit-song-name: "THE FUNNY"; /* The title of the music box. */
  --reddit-song-download: "OwO what\'s this?"; /* Replaces "download" on the music box. */
  --reddit-comment-bg: url(https://i.imgur.com/WFTCrRC.png); /* Will be shown as the background of the comment box */
  --reddit-everyone-has-gold: 1; /* if 1, all commenters will have reddit gold */
  --reddit-timestamp: "submitted -48 nanoseconds ago"; /* below your "posts" */
  --reddit-age: "redditor for 14.7 decades"; /* above the buttons on the right */

Rainbow Text

It's rainbow text!

How to use

Put this in your CSS:
@import "https://1024x2.xyz/myspace93/rainbow-text.css";

:root {
  --rainbow-text-size: 420px;
Then, to use it, type one of the below:

###### Also Rainbow!

<span class="rainbow-text">Still rainbow!</span> (only works with HTML)